About PSA Valve


In 2005, with the help of experienced experts, the goal of the manufacturer of domestic gas regulators and various types of flange forging was made.

the company has been working with several decades of efforts to produce industrial products, as well as enjoying the expertise and expertise and promoting the full system of performance in the process of manufacturing and supplying goods, and in line with the expansion and development of the country’s industries, especially the oil, gas, Petrochemical, power plant, steel, facilities, water and sewage industries aim to increase market share.

Cooperation, satisfaction of employers and customers, compliance with quality standards and timely response are the company’s competitive advantages in providing optimal services in the production of various types of flanges, fittings and forging pieces in various industries.

The company has always been trying to attract more of its stakeholders with high supervision of design and engineering units as well as quality control.

We believe in the company that expanding the quality of culture while maximizing productivity in the activities of this collection is a sum for the company and, with the creativity of the organization, will provide the presence in new domestic and foreign markets.

CEO of PSA Valve