Globe Valves

This valve has a spherical name from its body shape, which is spherical, and its internal structure is such that the fluid changes from the entry point to the valve to its 180 ° exit. The building of the valve and its seat is such that once the flow of their contacts is interrupted. Also, the incomplete opening of a spherical valve does not cause it to burn. Therefore, it can be used to regulate flow. The fitting of the valve handle count with the volume of the liquid outlet duct makes it easy to adjust the amount of flow by hand.

specifications for spherical valves include:
The direction of the fluid flow varies with the slider valve.
Changing the direction of the fluid flow creates turbulence.
Turbulence increases pressure drop.
In the spherical valve, the pressure drop is greater than the drop valve.
In the spherical valve, the fluid flows completely as soon as the stem and seating area is cut off.
In the spherical valve, the burnout is much less than the sliding valve due to friction.